Medizinische Datenquellen :

Wenn Sie sich für medizinische Fragen interessieren , wollen Sie sicher selbst auch einmal durch das Internet "surfen ". Hier sind einige sehr interessante Adressen:

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Internet Search Engines


Yahoo! is well-known for its categorized list of hand-picked Internet resources. Use this form to search that list:


Web Crawler

Now hosted by America Online, Web Crawler is a self-indexing catalog of web pages.

Find pages with of these words and return results.


Originally a project of Carnegie-Mellon University, the Lycos catalog is self-indexing, which means it is larger, but may turn up more links of dubious quality. Point reviews lists reviewed, highly-regarded web sites.


Open Text

Open Text Corporation runs this search index in part to show off their search engine technology. More powerful, precise searches can be made using their "power search" form.

Search for pages that contain
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Alta Vista

Powered by two super-fast Digital Alpha servers, Alta Vista is slowly indexing the whole World Wide Web, and Usenet newsgroups. Prepare to be overwhelmed!

Search and Display the Results

Deutschsprachige Quellen

Deutsches Diabetes Forum

Deutsches Medizin Forum

Nordrhein - Westfälische Bibliographie Abt. Krankenpflege

Medizinische Server :

Index deutscher Medizin - Server

Medizinischer Internet - Server W3

Medizin - Online - Server

Deutsches Institut für medizinische Dokumentation und Information

Info - Dienst Medizin

Ausländische Quellen

* Diabetes Monitor
* Doctor C's Ear, Nose, & Throat Page
* HeartWeb A Medical Journal on the Web
* International Myeloma Foundation

Family/General Practice

*CliniWeb (Oregon Health Sciences University)
*Pediatric Points of Interest (Johns Hopkins University)
*General Physicians Initiative
*University of Illinois at Chicago Department of Family Practice
*University of Missouri - Family and Community Medicine
*The Hippocratic Oath
*Boston University School of Medicine
*Centers for Disease Control and Prevention home page

Government Sites and

Specific Department Research Pages

*National Institute of Health
*dbEST & dbSTS Databases at NIH
*MRI Images
*World Health Organization
*NIH Educational Technology
*U. of Penn. Multimedia Oncology Resource
*U. of Penn Population Gopher Server
*NYU Anesthesiology Server
*U. of Penn Medical Image Processing Group, Radiology
*U. of Penn Radiology and Imaging Sciences

Lists of Medical Resources

*Medical Resources Index
*Health Resources List at U. Kansas Medical Center
*Biomedical Research Tools
*Biologist's Control Panel
*Galaxy Medical Links
*Interlinks Medical Networks List
*NIH list of resources

Medical School/Residency Related Sites

*Computer Based Learning at Thomas Jefferson
*Family Medicine Network
*Medical Education Page
*Mike Woo-Ming's Residency Page

Software Archives

*Archive at University of California, Irvine
*Archive at University of Valencia, Spain

Ausländische medizinische Datenquellen :

Nurse Online : Fachzeitschriften ,Jobangebote, Kurse ,Kontaktbörse

Nightingale : Pflegeforschung ,Konferenztermine

Informationen zu Krebsvorsorge , Pflege ,psychosoziale Aspekte

European Health Care Management :Pflege in Europa

Interlinks Medical Networks List

K.Rosenberg´s Medical Resourses

Medical News and Mail Lists

  • List of Medical Web Sites

  • Yahoo Medical Sites
    List of medical sites on Yahoo.

    Clinical Information

  • Dysphagia Resource Center
    Resources for the study of swallowing and swallowing disorders.

    Medical Organizations

  • List of Medical Organizations
    List of Medical Organizations listed with Yahoo.

    Healthcare Administration

  • Health Administration Resources
    List of health administration resources.

    Medical Computing

  • List of Medical Informatics Organizations

    Medical Research

  • VA Innovations
    Veteran Administration Medical Innovations.

    Medical Education

  • Skull Anatomy
    An interactive learning tool for topographic, bony, and radiographic skull anatomy.

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